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Curveballs: Dust yourself off and try again

Life throws curveballs.  Everyone knows this.  We casually throw the term out to people suffering all the time.  We know they exist and yet are constantly surprised at when they happen to us.  That is what the curve ball is and in fact as described by good ol’ Webster a curveball is

"a ball that is pitched with a snap of the wrist and a strong downward spin, which causes the ball to drop suddenly and deceptively veer away from home plate."

The most interesting word in this definition is “deceptively” .  Even though we know curveballs exist when they happen to us we tend to feel decieved or slighted in a very personal way.  That is because the curveball is designed exactly for that purpose.  You think you see it coming one way and BOOM it goes another way.  Suddenly you are caught of guard and you swing one way and you miss.  Your in disbelief.  You SWORE you saw it coming, you prepared for it, you swung as hard as you could and you missed.  The best baseball players in the world know very well about the curveball and they prepare for it and at times can adjust to it but alas sometimes the curveball is just too quick and, they too, miss.  

The way a baseball player deals with the curveball is pretty simple.  Sometimes he hits sometimes he misses but he knows he will have another chance to hit it out of the park again.  The curveball will happen to us as it does to everyone.  The decision with what to do after is up to us.  Prepare. Adjust. Swing with all your might.  Try again the next time… but for God’s sake don’t give up.  The curveballs of life do not have to be an end.. just a gateway to new beginnings.  Keep swinging. 

Before the Sun rises

Full many a glorious morning have I seen”- Shakespeare 

I am sitting in the dark awaiting the sun to rise.  I wondered when I woke up what it all means to me to wake up early.  I have been wanting to do this for years and finally have made a commitment to actually get up at 6am everyday.  Who knows maybe 5am will be next.  I can’t say I like the act of getting up.  It’s not a great feeling to have your body filled with sleepy hormones that beg you to stay in bed.  There is this morning silence that I am starting to crave, though that motivates me to get up anyway.  I love sitting in this silence feeling like the world is sleeping and I am getting to witness the world awakening.  I can see the sun peaking through now and I feel privileged to witness a new day.  It is nice to start the day of in gratitude, rather than a state of hurry which I am normally in.  I can’t say it is easy to rise but I can say that it is worth it to do so.  My days of long sleeps are over.  The morning hours are too full of life to miss.  Good morning everyone…. time to rise and see what this day brings.

Morning Pages

I have made a commitment to myself to wake up at 6am everyday so that I can start to write again.  This is my first day back to writing.  They say it is better to write with pen and paper to stimulate the right side of the brain but I can tell you that my handwriting is so awful I am almost for sure I was supposed to be a surgeon. Speaking of being a surgeon I had a conversation with one of my clients yesterday while doing her hair and I told her if I had a chance to live another life that that’s what I would want to be.  Sounds a bit strange coming from a girls who has chosen a very unpredictable life as a dancer/hairstylist to imagine that but being a surgeon actually fits my personality type minus the God complex I hear most surgeons have. I love details.  I love the tiny little small details.  I love untangling jewelry for hours.  I have laser like focus when given a task.  I like telling people what to do.  I work well under pressure despite having anxiety.  I am most creative and useful under constraint.  I like to fix things.  I obsess until I get it right.  I have a very steady hand.  I like making a lot of money.  I like working in teams.  I am much more cerebral than most would imagine.  I am OCD. I am not afraid of blood or other’s illnesses.  I like to clean….maybe a little too much….. So in a nut shell in my next lifetime if I have these same traits maybe i’ll go to med school but until then I continue to use these traits to excel in whatever I choose to do.  I feel I excel at most things I put my mind to and hopefully this waking up early thing will help me become a better writer.  It is one of my life goals to write a book.  I do not have any ideas or plans of what that book will be and as I have learned in my own life experience it will take the shape of whatever form it does in time.  I do not plan to plan this.  I’m just going with it for now and babbling a bunch of non-sense until all of the non-sense turns into some sense.  That is ii for today.  I just realized that this entire writing was all about me me me.  I am much more of a surgeon than I thought: )  Good Morning everyone: )

The only thing artistic about Lady Gaga is her ability to ride the coat tails of real artists and transparently take part in what they have already created. Kudos for being the most artistic fake the world has ever known.

Mindfulness Walking Meditation

As some of you may know I recently relocated back to Colorado. Or rather I should not say “Back” I should say “forward” to Colorado because my intention is moving forward with my life not backward.  I recently joined a Mindfulness Meditation group here in Ft. Collins and I absolutely love the practice.  One thing we did that I have not practiced before was a walking meditation.  It was so strange to slow my body down to a pace that was borderline humorous.  But after a while following each other in this very slow mindful pace.  My body started to relax and I almost could feel the stress leaving my body, the circuits slowing down and my mind thinking more clearly.  During change or any walk in your life. You have two things to help you through. Breathing and walking.  Each mindful breath and step is a reminder that we are in the here and now and there is no other place to be.  What peace you feel when you can give up all the agendas of the future and past and just let yourself be.  Cheers to a great day to you all!  Moving forward…… mindfully.

Lady Jules wake up and roll day 6! (by Julie Urich)

How do you wake up and roll?  Doesn’t matter what it is- get in motion!  Peace and love— Lady Jules : )

Wake up and roll day 5! (by Julie Urich)

This is how I get up in the morning!  Keep following for daily throw downs and fun tips on how to get your day going right!  

Follow your heart even if it changes: )

You hear “Follow your heart” over and over again. “Follow your dreams!” “Never give up!”  All this is true but one thing people don’t talk about is…. what if your heart has a change of ….well…. HEART!   Our lives are ever changing, we are ever changing, and our hopes and dreams and goals are ever changing.  I have seen it time and time again.  People follow their hearts and their dreams but somewhere along the way something changes and their hearts lead them another way.  Along with that can come a lot of guilt and shame… “I thought this is what I wanted!”  ”What will everyone think?” “Who am I if I’m not what I thought I loved?”  ”Who am I if I am not who other people think I am?”  The list goes on and on and it is one that I am very familiar with.  I have always followed my heart and it hasn’t always been easy. In fact sometimes I beg for my heart to just stick to one thing but it is not my path.  I have always envied those who found their passions and follow it all the way to their dying day but I am starting to realize that it is just as valid to honor your heart wherever it takes you even if it is in several directions.  It is never giving up if it truly is in your heart to do so. Re-defining yourself, re-inventing yourself, and re-discovering yourself time and time again is exciting and revealing of your true character. I have the upmost admiration for those who have pursued one thing and were defined by that only to decide that there is something else out there for them.  It takes courage.  It takes an incredible kind of person to jump into the unknown and find a new part of who they are.  Cheers to change! Cheers to following your heart…..even if it changes.

All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.

Anatole France

— Leave behind what was so that what can be can BE! Good morning to you: )

It’s that time again! Morning round- tired or not I’m hitting the ground!  Let’s do this! WAKE UP AND ROLL day 3 baby! @thebeatfreaks @vanderkitten @bgirlladyjules

Wake up and Roll!  It’s been a while since I have blogged but I am starting a new daily ritual! My day can’t go up unless I have turned upside down! How do you wake up and roll! Post videos and let’s get our bodies in motion to stay in motion!— P.S.  My cheetah pants are for your viewing pleasure haha